New Music: Josh DWH x “7 am in Miami” + “Neighbors”

Josh D.W.H. took a trip to Miami and found some inspiration to give the people. Check out his new singles “7 am in Miami” produced by Dougy and “Neighbors” which is recorded over the J Cole track of the same name.

Wednesday night we had the pleasure of interviewing the incomparable Masta Ace for D.W.I’s “Influential Spotlight” at Damatrix Studios. We had a studio full of good people who happen to be amazing hosts and good vibes to share with Masta Ace.

Jessie x Masta Ace x Candice x Leah

At the top of 7 o’clock we had Jessie Marie and Leah Dawn of “The Vantage Point” along side Candice of “Must Say Radio” to welcome Masta Ace. Having been in the industry for 30 years there were jewels we were waiting to dig up. In classic Vantage Point fashion Jessie Marie opened the interview holding back nothing diving into Masta Ace views on the violent state of hip hop in the early 90s to today. Sharing why he has always felt a need to deliver underlying messages in his music. Having come to the decision that sprinkling the message is better than preaching it.


Cha Cha called in and got all the details on how Masta Ace became affiliated with the Juice Crew and landing a spot on the infamous track “The Symphony” Can you believe he was just “warming up the mic” and ended up on one of the biggest hip hop classics. Some may even say his Symphony verse is top 5 of all time.

Kev x Masta Ace x Mike

Such as Mike Moderator who sat down with Kev of ‘950 Lounge” to interview Masta Ace. Mike has declared that his verse from “The Symphony” is one of the top 5 verses of all time. Masta Ace is an educated black man and so Kev got to how someone who pursued a college education could end  up  veteran of the rap game. Masta expressed having never though that he would be a career rapper it was just what you did then. After graduating and beginning to look for a job is when he fell in with Marly Mal and the Juice Crew. Seeing that he wasn’t really looking for a job his mother gave him a deadline to be out. This birthed the hustle he needed and has maintained throughout his career.

New Bronx City x Masta Ace

“New Bronx City” got to speak to Masta Ace about his international work from touring to featuring on international hip-hop artists tracks.  They also got his opinion on the popularity of trap music and how the “new york” sound does not exist anymore. Expanding from music Masta Ace is currently writing both a tv series and play, so you can look forward to new mediums of art coming from him soon.

Mocha Marie x Masta Ace

It’s only right we closed out the interview with one of DSN own vets, Mocha Marie host of “N.Ex.T.U.P. Radio”. Masta Ace advised other up and coming new york rappers to stop doing what is popular and rediscover the new york sound. It is an artist’s responsibility to be conscious of the images and messages they project to the youth. When asked what motivates him these days he naturally mentioned his family, but also his fans he has amassed internationally.


We want to thank Masta Ace for all he has contributed to hip-hop and for stopping by for D.W.I.’s “Influential Spotlight”


It’s almost time to “fall back” into your passion. We are now booking for new talent, advertisers, host, broadcast engineers, bloggers, interns…


As reported by Cripple 3030 of “Back Talk Radio” to Damatrix Studios.

– According to the Daily News:


“A Bronx Honors student locked up for more than a year on Rikers Island for a crime he says he didn’t commit will be released on bail Thursday thanks to a big-hearted nonprofit group.”

“Bail for Student after year in Jail”

Daily News, Thursday, July 27, 2017,

Rich Schapiro


Thank goodness for this nonprofit group, “Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Group”, who posted an extremely large bail of $100,000 for the release of  Pedro Hernandez, 17 yrs old, there’s one more youth saved from the black hole which is the NYS prison system.


“Hernandez’s ordeal began in July 2016,, when he was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a firearm, assault and reckless endangerment in connection with a shooting outside a Bronx bodega the previous year.”


According to the article:

“Hernandez scored a full academic scholarship after finishing high school with honors while behind bars-but he was at risk of losing it if he didn’t come up with bail by next month” and all this even though “the victim, who took a bullet in the leg, told investigators he wasn’t sure who shot him.”


Hernandez, just a child of 17 years old, went before the judge with an academic prowess high enough to qualify for a full academic scholarship in a time when not many of our inner city youth have been fortunate enough to establish such a feat with the victim of the crime himself saying he’s not sure who shot him and yet Hernandez was not only sent to be locked down on Rikers Island but also given an astronomically high bail of $100,000.


Being from the inner city myself, I do not remember ever seeing more then a handful of families that can afford such a large bail and much less from a child of 17 years old who attends school on a regular basis and works hard enough to gain the knowledge necessary to achieve a full scholarship. I believe that in light of these facts it would be safe to say that the bail in this case is disproportionate to the offense and would cause a severe hardship on Hernandez and his family.


Rikers Island is notoriously known for destroying the lives of children, who, though are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers, are subjected to a limitless amount of abusive acts by the correctional staff on Rikers . Rikers policy and procedures do very little to help these children to remain free of this abuse since the children themselves are artfully deterred from being allowed to attend the law library or receive materials that would allow them to learn about these policies and procedures or about the law in relation to their crimes for that matter.


If there is any doubt in the heads of the readers of my post that this stuff goes on in Rikers Island, I direct you to ask NYC Mayor-elect Akeem Browder whose brother Kalief Browder was driven to suicide as a result of the abusive treatment he received while being held there.


In light of these facts, I can only say thank you to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Group for saving at least this one child from the clutches of this hell hole.


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New York – The two leading performing rights organizations; ASCAP & BMI, are joining forces to create a single data base for registering the vast majority of licensed music in the United States. Bringing these two registries together will keep an even tighter hand on where royalties are applicable and seeing through to the distribution of them. This may give more incentive for independent artists and labels to stay independent and keep the rights to the music as now profiting off the use of copy written songs may be more efficiently collected.

“Matthews commented, “ASCAP and BMI are proactively and voluntarily moving the entire industry a step forward to more accurate, reliable and user-friendly data. We believe in a free market with more industry cooperation and alignment on data issues.  Together, ASCAP and BMI have the most expertise in building and managing complex copyright ownership databases. With our combined experience, we are best positioned to make faster headway in creating a robust, cost effective market solution to meet the needs of the licensing marketplace.”

O’Neill added, “This is an important solution for the marketplace created by the experts who know their data best.  We have always advocated for data transparency and supported the need for a user-friendly and comprehensive solution that would benefit music users and music creators alike.  While BMI and ASCAP remain fierce competitors in all other regards, we recognize that our combined expertise allows us to create the best solution for our members and the marketplace.  We’re excited by our momentum and the promise of what this database can become in the future.


The joint database will roll out in phases with Phase One expected to launch by the end of 2018, and include the majority of ASCAP and BMI registered songs. It will be secure, user-friendly and searchable and will be updated as new information becomes available.  Future phases will explore customizable, interactive API solutions and the potential inclusion of other databases.

ASCAP and BMI have proven their commitment to industry-wide data transparency by making public aggregated song share ownership through their respective online, searchable repertory databases – ASCAP’s ACE Repertory and BMI’s Repertoire Search. Both PRO public databases already include the following information, which will be combined in the joint database:

  • Song and composition titles
  • Performing artist information
  • Aggregated shares by society for ASCAP & BMI
  • International Standard Work Codes (ISWC) and other unique identifiers
  • IPI names and numbers

ASCAP’s and BMI’s respective databases will continue to be available on each organization’s respective website during the creation and initial launch of the joint database. ” (

“Used to Luv” By: Vado x Ron Browz
@vado_mh @ronbrowz
Visuals By: Demetrius K Martinez

 Vado and Ron Browz just dropped a visual for “Used to Luv” off Vado new project “Sinatra 2”. The visual accompanies Vado’s story of a chick he rocked with who did him dirty and he had to move along. Ron Browz croons about how he used to love the girl but she done turned him into a savage. Demetrius K Martinez is the eye behind the visuals. With crisp and clean shots in a beautiful location to accompany this summer drop. Here’s to hoping this girl didn’t ruin Vado for life.

DWI MUZIK (@DWIMuzik) Presents: “Influential Spotlight” –

Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

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He will be talking about his entire #hiphop career.

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So maybe I’m a little late but.. ..

A couple of years ago I went to a r&b Christmas special at bb kings in time square. There were a few anticipated headliners but it’s always a pleasant surprise when the opening acts are dope.  This cute baby faced girl with big gray bouncy curls and a guitar came out named Gabi Wilson. It was mentioned how she was from Vallejo, Ca and as a Bay Girl In NYC I always appreciate a familiar vibe. Then Gabi started singing and I was thoroughly amazed at the voice this clearly young girl possessed. There was a certain smoothness and mature quality that left me intrigued. I found ONE single on spotify the next day. “Something to prove”. I googled her and saw she had been signed by RCA and co-signed by Alicia Keys supporting her so I assumed new things would be coming soon. Not. I forgot about her for a while and she became one of the songs on a playlist.

Now take us to late last year, 2016.. H.E.R. came along with this smooth voice and raw yet creative lyrical content. I listened. It was added to my vibe music, work music, play music. I peeped they were very discreet with her image and I liked the branding. Left people to focus on the music. Vol 1 gave me a lot of what is current in the likes of Jhene Aiko, Sza, and others. Vol 2 left a further impression on me but I still  didnt press myself to  do any research on this H.E.R. gitl. I just kept playing the music and summing it up to this new wave of indie music making noise in the big industry. Then I got curious after I seen she had actually performed at the 2017 B.E.T Experience. The silhouette of a girl with bouncing curly hair. Then it clicked. I know that voice.

So I went to Tidal and found both H.E.R and Gabi Wilson. I played “I wont” then “Something to prove”, same voice. Same smoothness. Same control. Same depth. With a slightly elevated sex appeal in her lyrics. Talk about one hell of a re-branding, they swooped Gabi up before she made too much noise and shaped her into an artist right in line with the indie vibe that is dominating the industry.



Is Chance the Rapper responsible for saving SoundCloud?

SoundCloud has been a huge platform for independent artists over the last few years. When news hit that the company may be shutting down due to lack of funding many wondered where else the independent artist would find another such platform.
Chance having spoke on how SoundCloud was a vital tool in his independent success took to Twitter after the news to see how many of his followers had the same experience with SoundCloud. That same day Chance tweeted out that he had spoken to the co-founder of SoundCloud.

” Just had a very fruitful call with [SoundCloud cofounder] Alex Ljung. @SoundCloud is here to stay.”

While no official statement has been released from Chances camp, this is the same man who donated $1 million dollars to Chicago’s public schools. Though he may just be moral support for the company during a rough time as they recently laid off 40% of their employees with no fore warning. Yet one thing is for certain, and that is that SoundCloud won’t be going anywhere any time soon as was stated in a letter from co-founder Alex Ljung on SoundClouds blog.

“The music you love on SoundCloud isn’t going away, the music you shared or uploaded isn’t going away, because SoundCloud is not going away. Not in 50 days, not in 80 days or anytime in the foreseeable future. Your music is safe.”

Chris Rivers has just dropped his latest project, “Delorean”. Accompanying the lead single “Fair One” featuring hip-hop vets Styles P, Sheek Louch, & Lil’ Fame. The release of “Delorean” is the kick off to the listening party July 18th at Drom.

The 21 track project features fellow artist to look out for such as Oswin Benjamin, Whispers, Dyce Payne, & Lydia Ceasar.
Available in digital and physical copies available on (Hard copies always for the love)

Follow Chris Rivers on Instagram @dragonsandrivers to stay up to date.


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