DSNBX x Light-hearted ENT present “The Black Vegas: Spades Tournament and Game Night”


“THE BLACK VEGAS: Spades tournament & game night” 

Presented by Light-Hearted ENT


Powered by Damatrix Studios

DSN will be in the building doing “Live on Location”

Come out to network and have some fun on a Thursday evening.

CA$H prizes!!

Hookah specials and bottle packages available.


7PM doors open

$5 entry

“Studio 735”

735 Nicholas ave NYC


DWI is self-reflective, shrewd, and always imparting his wisdom, with a timeless prestige. FYI, he’s a celebrity and does not even know it, nor really care to know about it. Sharing just wisdom and advice from the heart. DWI is always offering genuine soul experience, it perhaps comes natural to a man of his kindness and profound intelligence.

He starts off with great command: “Damatrix Studios, to me is so much more than just me, representing our 40 great current shows on the air, of which by the way I am greatly and individually proud of; each individual show has it’s different view point and guest list, character, and audience. Each show too aims to overall enlighten those in the all-ages and ‘need to know’ or all-ranges demographics. Through our Damatrix Studios media and social media, word of mouth, and even phone-texting promotion, much is provided in further contact details and program information. Since I myself always have fun learning and have many years of fun experience, I find myself still today, as always, respecting the learning process, for everyone. I also happen to provide the safest and most family friendly spot in town, for just that purpose. It just so happens to be a Internet/Radio Broadcast Station, as well as a Fully decked-out Recording Studio. It’s so much more to me than just getting a hot song on the air these days. Yes we can do that, but there are many more factors to consider: staying power, full control of your creativity, developing your own stock value, and developing a significant amount of actual capital. Those interested who are ready for action, not afraid to cause waves, but always keep professional and positive approaches on things, generally fit in very well here at DaMatrix. Our main goal with DaMatrix Studios is… look, case in point, (The Vantage Point Hostesses -ENTER) is to provide the broadcasting platform that brings a change or two, to anyone eager to reach and score a bull’s-eye goal in life. We target listeners not only in the performance side of broadcasting but also the backstage aspects of the entertainment industry. If you are at home watching and listening and you want to suddenly talk to a guest on the air, if you have something yourself to say, you are always welcome to call. the number does not change. We are currently in the process of updating every aspect of our blog and social media outlets. We are a growing company.”

I now find myself in the presence of the full cast of Vantage Point Radio Show. If Mariah Carey or Eva Longoria had a baby sister, she would look almost exactly like Hostess Ms. Jessie Marie in both smile and style; when asked: “Vantage Point Radio, offers me that very opportunity to speak freely and openly about whats on my mind and be taken seriously. It is a career move far more than a mere hobby. We always keep it real on the air, but respectful. I can’t think of a time, even as a child that I was not voicing my mind, opinions, and ideas on everything from music to fashion, world events, and even some religion. Politics keep us looking at aspects’ reflective, in other words we always keep it respectful but real; we concentrate mostly on the relevant topics of interest through ‘old age’ wisdom. Topics we tackle range from real-life to Entertainment, from Fashion to Politics, Current Events to Historical Facts, and even popular trendy Celebrity Updates. Nothing shallow, nothing way too deep, we keep it very real. We keep it friendly, we keep it nice.”

By now she is seated at the Show Desk, she makes her last-minute Mic. adjustments. Last run down on notes, last checking for the best Studio selfie, and the all-important gentile touch ups on her makeup __ Enters now Co-Hostess Leah, boldly sporting facial piercings, leather jacket, ultra dark black hair, and Designer Jeans, I stand back and look in awe, but this is Leah Dawn. Silent and calm at first, until she takes the Radio microphone, then it’s a full forward charge with all barrels blazing! Meeting her with a professional, firm, and very gracious handshake, I know she means business. Suddenly from a PUNK ROCKER looking Rebel to society, she becomes much like a young Oprah Winfrey, a journalist, and educator. Opinions she gives on matters presented, are true but with a tough edge, strong opinion, always explaining and listening to the heart. She’s too done this before. I can tell.

Enters Oren: “OK, Just sit on down, make yourself poised and comfortable, you’ll be great! And it’s a 3 – 2 – (Sound Engineer Oren gestures with hand 1 – mouths silently: “you’re on”) it’s on. I am grateful for him, and all great ones too, like him. Oren is there ready on stand by. He is ready for action, alert, positive, smart, and always adding a motivational, friendly introspective comment. I can now see why DWI has him on the Matrix control panel team, he too is a pro. I feel that Oren makes the transitional process from “life reality to LIVE RADIO” seem almost effortless. Show itself seems unscripted but not at all UN-prepared; as soon as they take to their seats they are comfortable, organized, and clearly thinking vividly.

– J-Zak

Josh DWH has been laying low for most of 2016, and as the year ends we are getting a piece of why. The “Motion Siccness” EP is Josh second solo project. Having released a few singles throughout the year, ‘Lately’ was our first taste of what the EP will offer. With features from Whispers, Zay Mason, Jae Tips & Chris RIvers the lyrical prowess is insane. Produced by Dizzy Banko, Scoop One, Kali Reem, & Dougy; all mixes by D.R.A.F. Josh has an unique way of lacing his feelings into a thoroughly entertaining vernacular and storyline.


Opening up with “Know no better” a track that lets you in on where Josh has been mentally for the last couple years. Learning new life lessons and growing in both mentality and craft from the daily grind and hustle. In the accompanying video he can be seen in the woods somewhere with a defamed trump face, a large crow bar and a ski masked young lady looking ready to do some damage. (#notmypresident) But just like never sleeping, fighting to succeed.. He don’t know no better, and that may be to his advantage.

“Options” opens with a hook from featured artist Whispers that explores one lesson learned.. Be yourself, and better yet think for yourself. As Josh reflects over the mindset of his peers and company he has entertained, then distanced himself from.

Which takes us to “Lately” the head space one could be left in after realizing things and people around you are not what they seem. When it seems like life won’t stop throwing bullshit your way, but you’re resilient so you manage. (Check out the visual for “Lately”)

“Timeless” is the swing, it’s like once you embrace and accept what you can’t control you start to see things different. Find new focus, invest less in others opinions. Jae Tips comes through on the type spoken word flow, so soothing you almost wouldn’t notice all the general shade thrown.

Zay Mason jumps right into the ‘do for love’ (ahem Bobby Caldwell, but we love Pac) sample. When these two team up they have an organic chemistry that feeds off one another. Zay is his classic dark cynical and crazy while Josh spills where he is presently at with no stories, just pure emotions. “… The pressure will make you golden..”

I’m sure not one year can pass in a person’s life without the pursuit of a romantic interest which is the first verse of “Possible” but as quick as someone can be an interest they can become the past.

What I feel the whole purpose of this EP is comes in the form of “Strictly 4 the Culture”. Some hip-hop artist still do this for the love of the expression it allows you to have. Both Josh and Chris Rivers spit bars straight through.

As the EP is coming to a close it’s that no holds barred moment, “What it do” is exactly that. Not coming at any particular person, but for everyone. The haters, the peers, the competition, the friends turned enemies, and anyone who wants it.

The departing message leaves us knowing where Josh stands and where his head is at going into 2017… “Keep Working”

But, if one line could some up this project it would be…”you’d be surprised what you can go through in one year”

Josh DWH


“Motion Siccness”

–  Jessie Marie

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Damatrix Studio has combined with 106.1 fm to bring you guys “The A&R Report” every Monday night from 11pm-1am

The A&R Report

Hosted by D.W.I., Mocha Marie, DJ Bedtyme, The lovely J & Mike Moderator. Discussing hot topics & interview some big guests.

Here is a clip of “The A&R Report” interviewing Hell Rell.

In case you missed the first “NextUp 2Da Stage Awards” DSNBX TV has released a highlight reel of the artists that performed. From comedians, to singers, and rappers the building was full of energy.

Also, it has been officially released that Damatrix Studio is looking for artists to fill the roster for the mid December “NextUp 2Da Stage” event. This will be a great opportunity to perform, network, and be apart of a ever growing platform that has always been here specifically for the indie and underground.

Contact nextup2dastage@gmail.com or call 718-708-5890


Friday Damatrix Studios was highlighted on NY1 news for being the original platform for both artists and radio hosts alike for over ten years.

Catch the clip:

Up-and-Coming Artists Going to Independent Studio in Bronx to Get Their Feet in the Door


What does it mean to walk in your truth?


I am not sure and like anything else the ideais up for interpretation, but one thing I do know is every artist to touch the stage August 30th for the monthly Acoustic Exchange residency at Harlem Nights Bar presented by Steff Reed, was walking in theirs.

Every last Tuesday when I walk through those doors I am transported to another place in time. Where the energy and love flows freely , and is present in abundance. No one is worried about expelling all they have because the vibes are all reciprocated and shared. This is our sanctuary and we worship one another as artists, creators, and humans.

“Walking in your Truth” could have been the title of a short EP with the collective of songs sang by Kaya Nicole. Her stage presence and talent draws you in to where you almost feel what she must be feeling as she offers a piece of herself through lyrics and passion. Kaya Nicole really took us to church with the amount of light and energy she left on that stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if a piece of her heart was left right there where she preformed.

Then we all got to reminisce on the days of R&B crooning when Ryan Lane took the stage preforming a medley of R&B covers. He evoked the energy of 90’s R&B taking his show from the stage to the crowd. He even danced!!! How many new R&B singers do you see dancing and spreading their energy around the room among the fans?

Lea Anderson closed out the show with a mix of chantuesse meets 16 bars. With her new album [Pronounced (Lee)] out she took us through a brief synopsis of what it offers performing several songs anyone can relate to. We have all had our trials and tribulations with people and more specifically, love.

I can not express in enough words just what occurs from 7pm to midnight in Harlem Nights every last tuesdy of the month. Just know if you need to refresh your soul, find inspiration, rest a weary mind, collaborate with like spirits this is the place you need to be.




Josh DWH took his day to celebrate another year of life and gave gifts out. One in the form of his new visual for the track “Lately”. An ode to the ups and downs of the grind. The visual is a summed up version of the day in the life of Josh as he Dreams, Works, & Hustles.

This past Tuesday we received a new visual from Frank Knight for the track “I Kno3”. Most people have stopped putting a real story line in their visuals (and songs) so this was a refreshing video.  On the technical side it was shot and edited impeccably, but it is where the visual concept links up with the lyrical content and they mesh that intrigued me. The visual and track having a certain cohesion which adds a whole new layer and dynamic to the track itself.


Frank Knight “I Kno3”

Produced By: The Gonz
Directed & Filmed By: Landon Yost (@landonyost)
Assistant Camera: Devan Davies-Wood
Make-Up: Ladybug Beauty (@ladybugbeautynyc)
Stunt Double: God$Plan

With racial tensions at an all time high in the United states of America we have once again been pacified with “them” telling OUR story via their Hollywood production teams and studios with series such as “Underground” & the remake of “Roots”. While on the surface we are suppose to be thankful for them putting our struggles we overcame in the lime light I cant help but feel slighted in a way.

Why is the only time a black actor or black cast stars in a movie/show it ends up being some pre or post slavery narrative or a stereotypical black family movie? On one hand we are suppose to praise how far we have come from playing butler & mammies to be playing butlers & mammies. On the other hand, how far does that really put us? The producer, director, studio, etc will make ten times what any black actor made in the capitalization of our story or proposed dynamic.

This does not sit well with me. So while I can appreciate OUR story being told (no matter how diluted or sugar coated) I still feel like it is all a part of some minstrel show.

Which brings me to Black Panther to star Chadwick Boseman. May all marvel comic  lovers forgive me for being naive to the specifics of this character and his story line, but what I do know is he is a black super hero. A black super hero from a major franchise headlining in his own movie.  Some may wonder why this would mean more to me in the strides for equality in the entertainment industry and let me explain.

It is one thing to receive a role a black person must play based off a story line, it is another to receive a role that is a-typical of a white actor. Some will argue that he is a black super hero so a black man must play him but can we take into account the fact that they even decided to give this black character a whole movie. The reason this strikes me is purely psychological. What some may not realize is that subliminal indoctrination is very real. If all you see on your screen is black people reliving a not so distant past, or feeding into the stereotypes that apparently defines what being black in america is, you will find these things to be true and acceptable. A feeling of triumph in being allowed to see a black person play a slave makes many people think we have made it. Like the issues are all solved. We’re free.

Same as being content with the majority of the movies that display faces that you can identify with having a story line full of dynamics and behaviors stereotypically associated black people, families, & communities. While some can discern between the fact that it is just that; a stereotype, others are not even aware of the fact that they see it and accept it as reality.

Now, to see a black face in what is typically a white lead role is breaking boundaries to me.

And if you think we don’t have boundaries to break reference last year when the rumor hit that Idris Elba might be playing James Bond. A fictional character. To say some fans where in an uproar is an understatement.



Starring: Chadwick Boseman

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