Damatrix Studios – Bronx, NY

Located in the Bronx, New York, the birthplace of Hip Hop, Damatrix Studios provides a superior sound quality and professional recording sessions even as well as a broadcasting network.

The name cleverly stemmed from the movie The Matrix after hearing a line by Morpheus stating “rules do not bend in the Matrix”. Feeling as though there was nothing he would not be able to do or serve in his newly generated company, DWI officially named his broadcast network Damatrix Studios.

Damatrix Studios offers several services including but not limited to:

• Audio Recording
• Radio broadcast recording (live or pre-recorded)
• Mixtape hosting and production
• Graphics and art work
• Broadcast live on location
• Video Production

There are some great things happening at Damatrix Studios that you should be a part of.  Visit our Recording and Broadcasting pages for more info on how to book your recording sessions and shows today.

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