Broadcast Studio

The underground/indie hip-hop movement has never been without its fair share of exposure. Many of the pioneering broadcasters did so without much financial backing or advertising dollars. Today, however, we have the internet.

From the inception of his first show in March of 2002 called Promo Radio (which DWI produced from his modest abode in the Bronx, NY) to a show many feel is the current flagship program of the entire internet radio/underground/independent music scene, NextUp Radio was the template to underground hip hop being written right before our very ears.

With a whole network built around this template, Damatrix Studios Network was now able to provide live broadcasting with a magnitude of shows that not only provide listeners with raw Hip Hop, but that now stretches across topics such as current events, sports, and music. The network also gives people an opportunity to host and format their own shows with full access to the broadcasting room and equipment. And as to not limit the station to talk radio shows, there are open segments designated
to DJs as well.

The purpose of DSN is to provide independent broadcasters, artists, and DJs a lane to expose and express their talents to a more expansive audience.

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